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Saturday morning…I don’t like early…


Wow. I am struggling this morning….puppy was up way too early!!
I am going to have to quit my late nights and late mornings….on a plus side..I can fit in an extra breakfast.

I am very lazy and not a breakfast lover generally. However reading an interesting book on French culture, I am adopting a fab idea.
French bread and dark chocolate. That’s sounds good to me, and will go with my high morning coffee intake. I didn’t tell the children, they were still sleeping (oh, the jealousy lol).

Second breakfast, brunch, call it what you will…shall be omelette, stuffed with bacon, egg, and/or cheese.
We need to eat more eggs or get rid of some chucks. I often sell the eggs, but with the mud, people get fussy having to wash them. For me the taste out weighs the 2 seconds it takes..but hey that’s just me 🙂

Mid afternoon, there shall be rock cakes, scones and tiny sandwiches, full of new flavours. (today I shall try to get them to eat tuna).

Dinner…well I don’t know lol…I am tired already..If I grab a nap (unlikely). I shall make homemade pizzas and dough balls. If I am weary I shall pour a glass of wine and make scampi, fishfingers, chips and peas. judge me if you like…I am too tired to care.

Lets enjoy the lazy days, sunshine and company.

Have fun.
Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com


Everything has gone out of the window…


So here I am supposedly finishing my book, dreaming up new and exciting recipes…and what has happened????

Well I am only human..she’s called Maisy..and I am in love.

Don’t get giddy Dear Friends I am not coming out of the closet…although to be fair with a name like Sky I am not always sure everyone realises I am a girl (can I still be a girl if I am 40 lol).

We now have a puppy….and oh how she absorbs my time..and oh how joyful she is 🙂 But all my motivation to work seems to have gone out of the window.

So dinner today?? Well It seems no one is bothered…fish fingers, chips and peas is enough when you can play with the puppy afterwards apparently.
She is still on puppy food and no scraps allowed from the table. so I don’t need to make anything for my new girl either.

Hopefully when we start on our walks I can make and eat more puddings (I will need extra calories surely).

so its true, love diminishes the appetite…..and lack of sleep gets rid of the urge to make extravagant dinners..tonight I will have a simple supper…possibly with a dog laid on my feet.

Happy days…cherish everyone

Love Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com


doggy books 🙂