Would you put it in your mouth??


Would you put it in your mouth??

You would think we would be more careful what we put in our mouths. I would not dream of putting diesel instead of unleaded petrol in my car. I wouldn’t (intentionally) drop my ipod in the bath. I generally don’t swallow non-food items. So why do I often eat food that to be quite honest, does me no favours??

I consume too much caffeine, too much wine, quite a lot of butter and I should not be left alone in a room with a family packet of crisps. I make sure my kids eat a balanced diet, we have treats, but they are treats. They drink a little squash or water; I am lucky they show no interest in cola and such sugar filled liquids. (Apart from those ones in the brightly coloured bottles, that have fruit in their title. Which, if you have ever tried to strap a hyper child in a car seat after they have drunk one, you will realise why I have banned them.)

And then I realise why I do this…its just habit, a lack of thought on my part. A big dollop of laziness. And I am trying to be more mindful, more present in life. So I am going to put this to the test.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going stop having the stuff I like, especially wine, I am one of those people, that the minute someone tells me I cant do something or eating something is bad for me, well I do it anyway …because I can (childish yes. I never rebelled as a child..I am doing it now). However I am also sensible enough to realise that when I eat well I feel great…and when I am too damn idle to take care of myself I feel tired, grumpy, and need to carefully apply makeup to make me look alive.

So here it is. I’ve made a list for my wall. It’s not much. It’s not even that interesting. Just a small challenge to see if I really am what I eat. To find out if food is fuel. To see if I have any focus whatsoever. Wish me luck. I might need it 🙂

Happy eating

Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com


About Sky Bendelow

Mother, blogger, writer, artist, food lover, cook, wine guzzler, educator, student, believer that everyone should have the chance to learn and discover their unique talents (preferably before they are 40, but I got there in the end.) - Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

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