How did we get so far removed from our food and life??


Working on my book as made me realise lots of things…

1, We are so very far removed from our food, and I guess we are to blame.
When I was a child we grew stuff..It had dirt on it, we occasionally ate salad with greenflies in it…no one died, well I don’t think they did, apart from the odd greenfly.

2, All vegetables were not equal, carrots came in different sizes, some big, some small, some with knobbly bits, and some had not so good bits. THAT WE CHOPPED OFF, we didn’t throw the whole carrot away. We also bought them loose, so just spent our cash on stuff we would eat, rather than let them fester in a plastic bag at the bottom of the fridge.

3, Potatoes were dug from the garden or bought in a sack.They were muddy. I know, it was my job to wash them. Potato peelers had little knives attached so you could cut off the bad bits. Potatoes actually keep fresh for longer when they have a little mud on them. I hold my hands up here. because I buy clean potatoes in plastic bags…I need to stop.

4, Fizzy pop was bought once a week from “the pop man” we got 2 glass bottles. It was a treat, as it should be. Crisps didn’t come in multi packs. Or sharing bags.they came in little packets…we have to walk to the shop to buy them, one pack at a time.

5, Meat wasn’t sold in vacuum-sealed packets, it came in paper wrapping from the butchers, chickens had giblets… which at some good butchers they still do and they make amazing gravy. Meat may have had blood on it. That’s because it is meat. From an animal. We also ate less of it, and bulked it out with veg and dumplings…mmm meat and potato pie.

What has happened to us?? What has happened to me?? I think its time we changed, Its not too late, lets get hands on and fall back in love with cooking and living, and ditch this sterile world we are drifting into. Lets get our hands dirty. It might be fun 😀

Thanks for reading

Sky @

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