It is Bramley Apple Week


So it’s Bramley Apple Week,

I intend to exploit it to the full. I have to admit I tend to overlook the old Bramley, which is a shame because it is a wonderful variety, especially when feeding children, or trying to boost your 5 a day. Who can resist it comforting texture? Not me that’s for sure.

It works well in both sweet and savoury dishes, and is pretty easy to cook with.
Homemade apple sauce is divine, and so much better than the prepared gloop we buy from the shops. It freezes wonderfully too so there is no excuse to not make a big batch for the months to come…. not only is it fantastic with traditional roast pork.but is a lovely accompaniment to duck, chicken and offal.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I am more of a savoury girl than a sweetie, but with the good old Bramley I will make an exception…I do not believe anyone can eat a steaming bowl of apple crumble served with cream and not feel the culinary love…it has to be up there in my top 3 pudding favourites…. again quick to make and freezes well…I might even try something a little different this evening and make a batch of toffee sauce, to honour our under loved Bramley.

Feel the love

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