Have we lost our touch when it comes to cooking?


Are we losing our touch when cooking?

I have to admit it. I am the queen of appliances…although a lot of them seem to be used only to collect dust. But anything that speeds up food preparation has got to be a good thing…right??

Well I thought so…but I have just produced a perfect loaf from my bread maker.and yes, it hasn’t got any nasty preservative in it, but I don’t feel like I have made it. I always make my pastry in my food processor, and my crumble mix. But am I missing out?
Is part of the beautiful alchemy of cooking the hands on, mixing, and kneading? Taking the time, to enjoy the pleasure of the sensual kneading of dough.
Would I have less need to go to the gym (pfft..Like I go to the gym) if I pummelled dough each morning? Would my fingers be more agile if I spent less time tapping my keyboard and more time rubbing in? Would I be a calmer person if I took my frustrations out on a dish of sugar and butter that needed creaming?

I honestly do not know…but I do know sometimes we get so caught up in the speed of modern living, we forget to enjoy small pleasures…

Let me know what you think.

Warmest Wishes

Sky @ thesideplate.com

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