Can you have your cake and eat it?


Can you have your cake and eat it?

I have to admit I am more of a savoury girl than a sweetie. However some days, especially when there is a distinct nip in the air, and a little bit of blue in my mood…I want cake.

Carrot or coffee sponge would be best; without nuts preferably (It is not that I dislike nuts, in fact I spend a lot of time with them….but I don’t want them in my comfort cake).

Iced or plain, I do not mind.

A little square of sponge that soothes the soul.
A little slice of magic from so few ingredients.

Cake is possibly the nearest you can get to a hug from a food item.

Is it that it reminds us of childhood? Or of Happy Birthdays. Weddings and Christmas…it seems all celebrations should contain cake.

I believe it was Julia Child that said, “A party without cake, is just a meeting.”
And I think we can all agree we need fewer meetings and more Parties.

So I shall celebrate it being Thursday with a slice of coffee cake, just the smell of it baking has lifted my spirits.

I have my cake; I shall take great pleasure in eating it.

Hugs and love

Sky @

All things cake

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