Patience is a virtue…


Patience is a virtue.

Life seems to be such a rush at the moment. School runs, homework, my writing assignments and testing out recipes appear to consume my every minute. I think I need to devour a large portion of perspective and step back just a little.

Life is short, and I believe it should be fun. I want my kids to learn that preparing food with love and care are as just as important as sitting down and enjoying a good meal.

As with every new skill, it takes practice and patience, and as much as I want to wrestle the potato peeler from their little fingers, just because I can do it quicker, I know it would be a great injustice. Squeezing orange juice, cracking eggs and whipping cream are all moments of pleasure to them. It is a joy to watch their triumph when their mission is complete.

It is very true that you should never complete a task for your child if you think they can do it themselves. All these little things are just as important as learning their ABCs. In fact there are so many science and maths lessons in a cookery class it makes you wonder why schools don’t teach them daily.

So as my children happily learn to peel and chop and stir (and hopefully eventually learn to make mummy breakfast in bed lol) I will take a step back, enjoy a well earned brew, ignore the mess (more mess arrgghh) and know that they are learning patience, commitment and of course cookery.

I am yet to met a child who doesn’t love to cook. They will get there, they will learn.
Who knows maybe I will learn something too J

Warmest wishes

Sky @

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