It’s not you…it’s me…


Its not you…its me

I have tried my best to be faithful to our relationship, the one where I cook and write, and hopefully you read and send me your comments.

But today I feel I have failed you.

Today I have been unfaithful, (with a shop bought pizza and some oven chips)

I know, you thought you knew me, that you could count on my daily provision of dry wit and moist cooking. The only explanation I can give is that I was caught up in the moment. One look at its deep topping and golden stuffed crust, well it stirred a hunger deep inside me. I was weak, it was in the trolley before I had chance to think of the consequences.

I guess no one is perfect.

If you can forgive me I promise I shall try harder tomorrow. I shall fill the freezer with delicious offerings that I’ve pre-made, so that I shall not be turned again.

Will you forgive me? I bought you flours. :S

Love from Sky @

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